Assessment Resources

Here is an overview of the grade-specific resources you will find in each grade band below:

Assessment Tasks

These are high-level writing tasks aligned to the new Tennessee ELA content standards accompanied by the texts the task asks students to respond to.

Scoring Guides

These are scoring materials that include the following for each task: rubric, anchor papers for each trait with annotated student work, and training set(s) for additional scoring practice.

Directions: Assessment resources for English language arts can be accessed by clicking the grade band in the table below.





Optional Non-Summative Assessment Toolkits for Districts

The transition to new state standards in math and English language arts has caused districts to rethink non-summative (interim, formative, etc.) assessments.  The department is working with educators across the state to understand what these interim and formative assessments aligned to the new standards might look like and develop optional non-summative assessment toolkits. These toolkits are created by teachers for teachers, and presents ideas and options for non-summative assessments.  

To be clear, use of this toolkit is entirely optional and not required. There is no proven or "best" approach to non-summative assessment - what is clear is that the approach to formative or interim assessments must be purposeful.  We hope this toolkit will spark ideas and help schools and districts think through options for non-summative assessments.
    Literacy Toolkit
    This non-summative assessment toolkit focuses on eighth grade literacy and draws items from a wide variety of sources.  A step-by-step process guide is also included if educators are interested in replicating the approach taken to develop this model for other grades.

Mist Literacy Portal

As of fall 2014, the MIST Literacy PortalTM has been re-launched and is now available to all Tennessee teachers. This memo contains more information on the launch and design of the portal. For a step-by-step guide on how to set up the MIST Literacy Portal, click here.