Instructional Resources

Here is an overview of the resources you will find in each domain and grade level link:


Instructional Tasks are resources for teachers to engage students in higher levels of thinking and reasoning called for by the Tennessee state standards for mathematics. This document outlines considerations for using instructional tasks in the classroom.


A task arc is a set of related tasks and lesson guides that focus on a small number the Tennessee state math standards.  Each task arc contains an overview and detailed information on how the tasks and lessons progress.  The Task Arc User Guide explains how the task arcs are designed and how they develop and solidify understanding.

Directions: Math instructional resources can be accessed by clicking the grade level and/or math domain in the table below.
  • Click on the grade level to view all the available instructional resources for that grade.
    Click on ‘High School’ to view resources for Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Core Math I, II and III.
  • Click on the domain to view the available instructional resources for all grades/ courses for that domain.
K  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  High school 
Geometry Geometry
Measurement and Data   Statistics and Probability Statistics and Probability 
Number and Operations in Base Ten   The Number System Number and Quantity 
Operations and Algebraic Thinking  Expressions and Equations  Algebra 
 Counting and
                           Numbers and Operations -
Ratios and Proportional
Functions Functions


Additional Resources

K-12 Math Online Learning Series

The Tennessee Department of Education in partnership with the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and Tennessee’s affiliate stations has developed a series of short online learning tools for educators. The professional learning tools in the K-12 Math series are available here.   These online tools focus on K-12 Math instruction for Tennessee State Standards and directly support learning of the 2013 TNCore summer training modules. The online tools cover the same topics as the summer training, but do not represent the full content of the 2013 Summer Reading Course. 


These tools, featured in our summer trainings, are intended to support teachers working to implement rigorous mathematics tasks in their classroom.


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