Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI²)

The role of the public education system is to prepare ALL students for success after high school. Response to Instruction and Intervention is designed to empower educators to give every student the opportunity to meet high expectations and the support to reach them. This three-tiered system helps educators differentiate instruction as students need extra help. Tennessee schools are moving to this framework over the next several years.

RTI2  Reflection Tools

The following tools have been designed to support ongoing reflection for schools and districts.
District Reflection Tool
Elementary Reflection Tool
Secondary Reflection Tool

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RTI2 Manual

The  revised RTI² Manual  provides more detailed information on the three-tier framework.

 K-5 Summary of  RTI2 Manual Clarifications  

 6-12 Clarifications of the RTI2 Framework

For a overall summary of information in the RTI² manual, please see the following materials:
  • RTI2 Implementation Guide (This guide is currently undergoing revision to align with the updated RTI2 Manual). The full set of resources will be updated soon. 

Evaluation Tools for RTI2

RTI2 Reflection and Planning Session Resources

As districts and schools have been implementing Response to Instruction and Intervention, we  provided the first round sessions that focused on opportunities for both school and district teams to hear from colleagues, reflect on progress and plan for the future. The following resources were provided during the professional development and can be found below: (Videos are embedded inside the PowerPoint slides).

District Session One
Guided Question One:
What are your sources of data? How do you use data? What data do you use when?    slide deck / toolkit 
Guided Question Two:  How do you ensure that RTI2 is running with fidelity?  slide deck / toolkit 
Guided Question Three: How are interventions different than what happens during regular instruction?   slide deck / toolkit 
Guided Question Four: How do I create a space for skills instruction to occur regularly for all students at different grade levels and with different needs?  slide deck  / toolkit

In addition, a User's Guide is included and written for re-delivery at the District level. One may want to adapt to use for smaller groups. 

Additional Resources

For more information on RTI², including resources, training materials, and online professional development modules, please visit http://www.tnspdg.com/.

Phonological Awareness Skills Screener The Phonological Awareness Skills Screener (PASS) is an informal assessment designed for students in kindergarten through second grade, but it can be used with older students who are experiencing difficulty developing phonological awareness.  This informal assessment is designed to help teachers detect students who may be at-risk for reading and spelling difficulties.  It may be used after the Universal Screening to help place students in interventions specific to the area of need. To access these resources for K-12, please visit the following TNCore.org webpage and click on Classes 1 & 2 printables: http://tncore.org/training/reading_class/k-3_intervention.aspx 

Phonics and Word Reading Survey The Phonics and Word Reading Survey (PWRS) is an informal assessment tool that may be used for identifying which phonics correspondences and patterns a student has learned and which ones a student needs to be taught.  It is designed for use with students in the second half of Kindergarten through grade 12.  It may be used after the Universal Screening to help place students in interventions specific to the area of need. To access these resources for K-12, please visit the following TNCore.org webpage and click on Classes 3 & 4 printables: http://tncore.org/training/reading_class/k-3_intervention.aspx

Online Resources

K-12 RTI2 ONline LEarning Modules

The Tennessee Department of Education in partnership with the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and Tennessee’s affiliate stations has developed a series of short online learning tools for educators. The professional learning tools in the K-12 RTI2 Online Learning Modules are available here.  These online tools focus on an Overview of RTI2, RTI2  in ELA, and  RTI2 in math instruction for Tennessee State Standards. 

Response to Intervention Overview

Response to Intervention Reading

Response to Intervention Math