Specialized Disciplines



The implementation of Common Core State Standards is a full-school endeavor, not just a project for math and English Language Arts (ELA) teachers. In addition to the ELA standards, the Common Core State Standards include Literacy (reading and writing) standards for the “specialized disciplines” of history, social studies, science, and technical subjects for grades 6-12. The potential of the Common Core to influence instruction and improve student learning goes well beyond just this. Teachers of all grades and subjects can integrate math and literacy skills and activities into their disciplines in order to utilize Common Core to improve student learning across the board.

Instructional Shifts

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Focus Standards


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Test Information

There will be no changes to TCAP and EOC exams for science and social studies for the 2012-13 school year. PARCC assessments will only be administered in math and ELA courses.

Key Information from Tennessee Plan               

The State will be hiring Core Coaches in the specialized disciplines for middle and high school to assist in the transition and provide support. These Coaches will explore ways to embed literacy and math into instruction in the specialized disciplines. The State will also explore the possibility of creating writing assessments based on informational text from the relevant content area.





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